Peas in a pod

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Kwesi – childhood friend of Tarzan’s son Korak.  Gone on to make his career in Special Forces.
He has made earlier appearances on rendsz’ world.

He first appeared in a Junglemen story posted on rendsz’ world in 2010.
Back in those early days, there was a Mike-Henry-inspired story called Ultimatum.
Kwesi played a minor role, he rescued Tarzan and Korak from degradation and shame.

For link, click on image below

And, not to waste an opportunity, rendsz’ world featured him to co-star with Korak  in a  story called Survival.
Suffering the ordeals with his friend who has been taken captive by a mystical tribe and got caught up in some dubious practices.

To link to Survival, click on image below


Peas in a pod

Kwesi is captured by ex-SF mercenaries.
Just like him.  Think like him.  Trained to react like him.  Like him, they know how to break a man.
A full-length novel of toughing it out against body-breaking physical abuse.
Kwesi stands up to treatment meant to test this tough guy’s will.

Peas in a pod – Book One

Click on image of Kwesi to download your free copy

Gallery of picture panels – Book One

Kwesi is modelled by Roger Snipes

Peas in a pod  –  Book Two

Kwesi’s captors turn up the heat.

Click on image below to download a free copy of Book Two

Click here to link to Gallery of picture panels – Book Two

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