** Spies and spooks


Rogue states.  Power-mad dictators.  Mafia bosses.  Terrorists.  Gun-runners.  Organised crime.
They’re out there, on our behalf.  Unseen.  Unheard of.  Getting things done.
Unseen by their enemy  ..  until it’s too late.

Of course  ..  things goes awry  ..  law of averages  ..  it doesn’t always work out right ……



Stressful job being an assassin.  Meticulous planning.  Split-second timing.  The risks continuous  ..  fatal if things go wrong.
An assassin needs an effective way to chill-out



Nick Carter is quintessentially the professional.  Superbly crafted for the job.  Exceptionally skilled.  Tough, fit, dogged.  But human too  ..  a weakness  …..