The Spectre returns

Tarzan has thwarted many evil designs.  Interfered in chiefs’ bullying ambitions .  Stood up for the oppressed.  Frustrated plans to conquer.
Got their backs up  ..  more than anyone else in the jungle.

A dead cert, then, that his interference might come and back him back in the arse.
Grudges.  Resentment.  The burning ache for revenge.
Some might run off and lick their wounds .. tails between their legs.
But there’s the others  .. that other kind ……
Nursing grudges. Incubating revenge. Aching for payback.


Righter-of-wrongs. Defender of the down-trodden.
Who in the jungle has put more bullies in their place?
Who above all others has fired up burning resentment?
Running the risk that someone will plot and plan?
Demand payback?

White Bull sends for Tarzan

Click here to download complete story


Two pages of illustrated chapter headings can be viewed in their Gallery

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A rendsz’ world tribute to ERB’s eternal jungle legend.

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