** Tarzan & Co.

An ever-rich source of manly fantasies.  Tarzan sweeps through the jungle righting wrongs.   Standing up for others.  Battling down wills that seek to dominate and oppress.
Things go wrong  ..  sometimes things get sticky  ..  but somehow the apeman’s will never flags.

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Coming of age

An old rival sends for Tarzan.  His tribe has an old score to settle.  And the time is right  ….


The spectre returns

White Bull is back.  They have history.  And White Bull plans on a future without the apeman

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Opposing sides of the river have clashed for years.  Tarzan had forced a stalemate, an uneasy truce had prevailed.  Only two things were needed to get things going again.  Weapons and removing the apeman  ……




Child of Tarzan

He is strong, powerful, muscular.  What tribe would not benefit from Tarzan reproducing for them?  Permanently.  Against his will if he did not choose to stay.




Korak faces the consequences of his one-night stand

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