Treasure island

00-cover1Robert Louis Stevenson told us  ..  Hunting down buried treasure  ..  can be quite an adventure.  Pirates, thrills, danger.  Armed with just a map  ..  X marks the spot.
Adventure?  Conan has thrills enough in life.  All he wants is the treasure.


Featuring in illustrations:
Conan – Zeke Samples
Giant –  Doumit Ghanem


Harsh?  In Conan’s life he’s known nothing else.  Life owes him no favours.  Whatever he’s had, he’s grabbed for himself, nothing offered on a plate.  He’s robbed for it, he’s maimed for it.  Killed for it  ..  not a second thought  ….
He sees something he wants, he takes it.  Fine philosophy of life.  it’s stood him in good stead.
But he’s not the only one to think like that ……

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