** Conan goes barbaric

proposalLife has been tough on Conan  ..  from day one.  Brought up in slavery  ..  character-forming.
Nothing to his name  ..  except what he took.
Shaped by life’s experiences  ..  nothing handed him on a plate  ..
Conan knows nothing other than looking after himself.
What he’s got, he’s taken.  What he sets his heart on, he takes.
If others want it  ..  if people want their possessions back  …  ?  They can go get ……..!


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Barbarian ways


Uncouth.  Savage.  An animal.  The civilised world could teach this barbarian a thing or two  ……


The Cult


The idea of getting sacrificed wasn’t in Conan’s plan for the week


The Greatest gift


He’ll risk anything to get his hands on a jewel like that  …..


Treasure island


Conan goes Robert Louis Stevenson.  And meets a BIG shock