** Cheyenne for ever

He was biclint walkerg in the 50’s  ..  almost as big as his 48″ hairy chest  ..  often shirtless.  Clint Walker strutted his stuff as Cheyenne Bodie through eight successful series.

Cheyenne was a force for good in the world. A patriotic, loving and stand-up guy, a man who was not only a physical giant, but a moral one as well.
But of course  ..  he met guys who did not hold to such high ideals  ……

Poor quality stills from 60 years back lead to using other guys to model for Bodie.  But still there is only one Cheyenne  ………

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The Convert

Protecting the railroad as it is being driven through sacred lands, Bodie is paired with a man who knows a thing or two about the locals and their complaints.




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