Clash of wills

A tribute to the legend of Italian cinema, Maciste


He started out as a mercenary.  Paid to fight.  Paid to push the invaders back.  But he got drawn in  ..  sympathetic to the cause.  He’d lost his own kingdom, he felt for this young prince.

Overwhelmed by superior numbers  ..  fighting against impossible odds  ..  still Maciste hung in.  Even after the money had run out.  Good friends now to the prince  ..  replacing the older brother the prince had lost.


In Book One, Maciste makes a fatal mistake.  Acting rashly to forestall his prince from making a big mistake.  And paying for it  …….


Taming the beast

In Book Two, Maciste learns the enemy he is dealing with.  And that there are no concessions for surrendering ……

Journey to hell

In Book Three, Maciste is joined by his prince, captured in a failed rescue.  Together they suffer the journey back to the enemy emperor

Jungle vegetation - Puerto Galera, Mindoro island

Each book is fully illustrated.  Links to the picture galleries from each Book’s webpage.
Numerous models act out the p

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