** Ancient warriors

The warrior clan was ever around.  From earliest days of man  ..  equipped with little more than their wits  ..  through to today’s heroes  ..  hi-tec backing up muscle and will.
Back in Ancient Rome  ..  in Viking Europe  ..  battling in the Asian steppes  ..  wherever  ..  did Right always win out?  Did Might always prevail?

For stories of modern day warriors  –  check out the theme “Tales of soldiers soldiering”

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Herald of the High King

Before Agamemnon built his Trojan Horse, negotiations settle first on the efforts of his herald.

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Maciste, the legend of Italian 1960’s cinema, has been robbed of the right to his father’s throne.  And now his stepbrother wants rid of the pestilence

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Labours of Maciste

Sequel to “Stepbrothers”.  Saved from public execution, Maciste is put somewhere “safe”.

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