A timeless occupation  ..  men tormenting other men.  Tyrants wanting their own way.  Taking power over others for their right.  Bullying their way through opposition  ..  ruthless in asserting their will.cover
Throughout the history of men.

Prompting others to stand up to them.  Often an unequal combat  ..  one armed with the truth, the other armed with bully-boys.  Something would be made to give.


Ancient Rome  ..  plotting for political gain.
Viking times  ..  cruel, a culture of violence for wealth and fame
Genghis Khan  ..  ruthlessly cutting down everything in his way
The Wild Wild West  ..  differences settled with the fist and gun.

It has ever been so.  Men turning to violence to enforce their will.Maciste
Others made to stand up for themselves.  Often faced with superior numbers.  But determined as hell not to give in.

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