Day One, Army School

Ka-Lan has not known life easy. He’s gone through it, through thick and thin. But to find himself accused of rape ….?
She was up for it just as much as he was. She was too good to be true. But he was a household servant, she was the Master’s daughter. And destined for a good match.
Accused of rape. Sentenced to five years in jail.

No trial …. But sentence mysteriously commuted.
Sent to learn discipline .. serve his sentence in an Army School
……. maybe luck is on his side after all.

But then …. life is full of surprises ……

Criminal scum

Part One

Ka-Lan meets a nemesis who believes himself on a mission. Advised by his imaginary friend, Ka-Lan’s physique marks him out. A risk. A polluting influence.
And he knows just how to deal with such criminal scum.

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Part Two

Only hours in the School and Ka-Lan finds himself under the microscope. He’s made himself a bad enemy among the Seniors.  One who has his own way of instilling discipline. And a dark side to his nature. It was inevitable they’d cross swords. The Senior was going to make sure of it.

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Punishment Parade

Part Three

Ka-Lan has undergone his painful initiation ceremony.  But he couldn’t stop himself, showing off  ..  making like it hadn’t hurt.  That the best you can do?  Making enemies of all the School. 
And still there’s that other crime.  Turning up late for parade.  Looking a disgrace, filthy-dirty, sweaty.  Disrespect.  Ka-Lan still has to make amends.
And what’s with that RAT Captain?  Got it in for Ka-Lan.  Is the scrawny prick jealous?  Doesn’t like having a supreme specimen of a male in his prime for a RAT?  It’s almost like he’s got some personality disorder.
Whatever  ….  There’s no escaping it  ….  The Punishment Parade.

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