** Time travels with Garth


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Before Bond and Harry Potter the UK had its own action hero.  Garth was a comic strip hero in the British newspaper Daily Mirror from July 24, 1943, to March 22, 1997. An action-adventure strip that recounted the exploits of the immensely strong hero who battled various villains throughout the world and through many different times.


Garth had developed almost superhuman strength and eventually became a naval captain and all-round military genius.  Garth travelled through many eras and confronted numerous villains.  Possessing incredible strength although not a costumed superhero, and a keen intellect as well a no-nonsense attitude to injustice, cruelty and villainy.

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Job description suited Garth down to the ground.  Bodyguard to a VIP.  But they hire security for a reason, don’t they?





Caught in the net

Garth has no answer the authorities will believe when he gets swept up in a dragnet looking for terrorists.  They have their own ways of getting answers.




Correctional facility

Interrogations from “Caught in the net” continue –  better tools, better experts at getting to the truth





Snatched for standing up for someone else  ..  grabbed becasue he looks the part  ..  like he can take it.  Used to teach another guy a lesson.  But  ..  after all  ..  he’s only some punk picked up off the streets  ……



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